You've heard of coaching and are trying to figure out if it's what you need to get unstuck and move on with your life and your work.

Most people who talk with me about coaching have three basic questions:

  1. What is coaching?
  2. Can it help me in my situation?
  3. How does it work?

Let me answer them for you.

COACHING IS A PARTNERSHIP where you and I focus on what you want, and design a path to help you get there.

It sounds simple, but most of us resist at least part of that equation in various ways:

  • We are afraid of taking risks and doing new things
  • We may be in the habit of procrastinating
  • We don't take the time to think about what we really need to do, and then we underestimate the time and effort it takes
  • We may overestimate how difficult a task will be and create a hurdle to starting it

Coaching addresses these stuck places.

YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU NEED from coaching. It is an individualized approach to produce the results that you are looking for. Those results are as specific and unique as each client.

Generally clients find that coaching helps them:

  • Be better equipped to deal with the challenges in their lives
  • Kick old habits that don't serve them, and form new ones that do
  • Develop more effective leadership skills
  • Be more resilient and flexible at home and at work
  • Take the necessary risks to move forward
  • Live a more authentic, enjoyable, and fulfilling life

THE FOCUS IS ON WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH and we create a coaching schedule to make that happen.

  • In the coaching relationship, you’re not alone with your problem
  • I'm there to listen. I ask questions that help you listen to yourself
  • I help you expand your thinking to let in other perspectives
  • I give feedback and support
  • Sometimes I offer a gentle shove in the form of a challenge to get you closer to your goal
  • Most coaching is done on the phone or by Skype. I occasionally meet in person with clients

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Coaching Services by Laurie J. Ferguson, PhD.

Expand your thinking to let in
other perspectives.

Clinical Psychologist
Cognitive and Jungian training
Adelphi University, Ph.D. , M.A.

Work extensively in areas of organizational systems theory and methods of behavior change

Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
Certified by The International Coaching Federation

Senior Research Fellow in Coaching at Auburn Seminary; Studies, teaches, and lectures on the theory and practice of coaching