The purpose of therapy is to move along the path from pain and the sense that things aren't working to an authentic and satisfying life.

Maybe this is your experience.

  • You don't feel like you're flourishing. Things seem either overwhelming or tedious. There's no joy.
  • You find yourself questioning the choices you're making. You're restless. You want deeper meaning, greater satisfaction.
  • You wake up anxious and upset after having trouble sleeping.
  • You're dealing with a chronic illness — either yours, or someone you love. You feel alone and sometimes frightened.
  • You've had a significant loss and are struggling to figure out how to recover and go on.
  • You may be wondering if therapy can really help you feel better or solve the problems that are causing so much stress.

Studies have shown has shown that therapy can help with:

  • Beginning new life stages
  • Stressful life circumstances
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Healing from loss

Still, you may not be sure if therapy could help you.

It can feel daunting to start a new relationship with a therapist and trust that it will bring the healing you are looking for.

I understand that it is a challenge to step over the threshold and make an appointment.

So I want you to know what you can expect when you choose to work with me.

My trust that the resources you need are within you and together, we can discover them.

Warmth and empathetic respect for your unique journey.

Focus on getting relief where you are experiencing pain.

A safe and confidential place where you can explore things that are difficult or confusing.

You might want to get a sense of who I am and see if my experience and skills are a good fit for you.

Helping individuals discover their sense of purpose and find fulfillment has been my calling for more than thirty years. I began as a minister in a congregation, then went back for more training, and am now a licensed clinical psychologist. Along the way I did work with Jungian analytical psychology and cognitive therapy based on mindfulness and brain-based research. Basically, that means I pay a lot of attention to dreams and imagination as part of the healing process.

I know we can change the habitual patterns of thinking that lead to painful outcomes like depression and anxiety. It takes careful attention to what those patterns are and how and when they occur, but with commitment and practice they do shift.

This can create an opening for healing and unexpected gifts to emerge. The purpose of therapy is to move along the path from pain and the sense that things aren't working to an authentic and satisfying life.

To schedule a consultation, please call me at 845.398.1174 or email me

Some other information you may find helpful:

  • Clients: Include young adults, LGBT persons, and older adults
  • Insurance: May be a qualified out-of-network provider
  • Office location: Tappan, NY. I work with people in person and over the phone

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Therapy and Counseling Services by Laurie J. Ferguson, PhD.

People who have worked with me describe what happens for them in the following ways:

  • I am less depressed and know I can continue to make changes in my life. Knowing that someone wise believes in me gave me courage.

  • Therapy helped me look at some of the ways I sabotage my relationships. I am now in a long-term happy partnership.

  • My history was traumatic and affected me in ways I'm still realizing. Therapy helped me make sense of all that and taught me how to deal with the pain and make something meaningful out of my life.

  • I needed help to live through the death of my mother. Slowly I'm getting back on solid ground.

  • Drinking. Anger. Death. Depression. I went through it all. If I hadn't stopped to listen, I would still be on that roller coaster. I'm better now - but it's day -by -day. Having someone to listen and go through it with me made a huge difference.

Ph.D in clinical psychology
Licensed in New York State
M.Div. Princeton Seminary
Coursework: Jung Seminar Philadelphia PA
                       Jung Foundation NYC